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How Well Do You Know: Dexter, Season One: Part I
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Dexter Season 1 quiz

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1. "Dexter": Let's start things off with a gimme. In what city is the show set?
New York City
Los Angeles
2. "Dexter": How does the serial killer who tosses a severed head at Dexter's car keep his victims' bodies chilled?
He keeps them in a refrigerator
He keeps them in a freezer
He keeps them in a butcher shop
He keeps them in a refrigerated truck
3. "Dexter": When Rita admits to Dexter that she "wants him," Dexter stutters a bit and says what one-word reply?
4. "Crocodile": Dexter reveals his favorite type of "tropical" fruit is what?
5. "Crocodile": Matt Chambers is acquitted of a drunk driving charge because he says what in court?
The car in the accident wasn't his
The car was reported stolen by him before the accident
He was out of town
He knows who really killed the victim with the car
6. "Crocodile": Dexter collects the evidence he needs to prove Matt Chambers is guilty by stealing what at a bar?
His shirt
His coaster
His shot glass
His beer mug
7. "Crocodile": Dexter celebrates his sister's promotion with her at a restaurant. When he goes to the bathroom, Dexter stares down the person standing at the urinal to his right. Who?
Matt Chambers
Carlos Guerrero
Norberto Cervantez
8. "Popping Cherry": Dexter practices his first controlled kill with his father by his side. What animal does Dexter stab to death?
A deer
A rabbit
A turkey
A dog
9. "Popping Cherry": The police department finds their next clue in the Ice Truck Killer case in what sports venue?
A baseball stadium
A football stadium
A hockey rink
A basketball arena
10. "Popping Cherry": At a press conference, LaGuerta announces her department is on a manhunt for the sports venue's ______.
Maintenance worker
Night watchman
Equipment manager
Concession manager
11. "Popping Cherry": The episode also reveals Dexter's first human murder. Who does he kill?
His sister
His mom
A police officer
A nurse
12. "Let's Give the Boy a Hand": The Ice Truck Killer leaves behind a piece of Tony Tucci somewhere in the city each day. In what order does the police department find the body parts?
Hand, foot, shin
Shin, hand, foot
Foot, hand, shin
Foot, shin, hand
13. "Let's Give the Boy a Hand": Rita surprises Dexter on Halloween by making an unannounced visit at his apartment looking like who?
Snow White
Lara Croft
Sarah Palin
14. "Let's Give the Boy a Hand": Throughout the episode, Angel shows Dexter pieces of jewelry he plans to give the woman he's separated with for their anniversary. Every time, Dexter shoots down the design. Nevertheless, Angel ends up giving the jewelry to someone. Who?
The woman he's separated with
His daughter
15. "Let's Give the Boy a Hand": Where does Dexter find Tony Tucci, who is miraculously still alive?
His home
The police department
A hospital
A school
16. "Love American Style": Debra accidentally introduces what at Tony Tucci's crime scene?
A cigarette
A fingernail
17. "Love American Style": Upon learning of her mistake, Doakes tells Debra, "Maybe you should learn the basics before you _____."
"Get yourself killed"
"Compromise the investigation"
"Start a fire"
"Reinvent the damn wheel"
18. "Love American Style": To get her husband back, Yelina must pay a sum of money to a coyote. Where?
Outside her home
On the beach
At a park
In a church
19. "Love American Style": Thanks to Debra, the department gets a partial print of the Ice Truck Killer from what?
A candy wrapper
A losange wrapper
A gum wrapper
A shoelace
20. "Love American Style": Before his death, Jorge Castillo locked up illegal immigrants in his salvage yard. What country are they from?
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
21. "Return to Sender": The police team finds _____ in the trunk of a car in the salvage yard? (Hint: the witness later helps the department draw sketches of the crime).
A young boy
A young girl
An old man
An old woman
22. "Return to Sender": We learn the name of the substance Dexter shoots into the necks of his victims: M-99. What organization provides the substance to its clients?
23. "Return to Sender": Based on evidence, Deb doesn't think the Ice Truck Killer is responsible for the body found in the salvage yard. Instead, who does she go after?
A copy-cat killer
Her father
A prostitute
24. "Return to Sender": Dexter buys M-99 with an alias. What?
Bill Arnett
Patrick Bateman
Stephen Tambor
Eric Cera
25. "Return to Sender": Dexter frames _____ for murder by spreading his/her blood on the knife, which Dexter claims he discovered in the salvage yard.
Valerie Castillo
Jorge Castillo

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