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How Well Do You Know: Batman
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1. Who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman?
Harvey Dent
Joe Chill
Jack Napier
2. What does the Joker ask of all his prey?
You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Isn’t it funny meeting you here?
How are you?
Why don't you give me a smile?
3. What is the eventual fate of Bob, the Joker’s “number one guy”?
Batman sends him to Arkham
Commissioner Gordon arrests him
Vicki Vale punches him
The Joker shoots him
4. What does the Joker say when he sees a picture of Vicki Vale?
Hoochie mama!
Stop the presses!
Holy frijoles!
I'm crazy for this chick!
5. What does Vicki tell Batman she weighs?
95 pounds
108 pounds
117 pounds
125 pounds
6. What famous rock star’s one-time wife had a minor role in the film?
Mick Jagger
Ringo Starr
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
7. What is the Joker’s astrological sign?
8. Where had Vicki Vale taken the photos for which she was most famous?
New Zealand
The Galapagos Islands
The Corto Maltese
9. Who played District Attorney Harvey Dent?
Tommy Lee Jones
Jeff Bridges
Samuel L. Jackson
Billy Dee Williams
10. What is different about the money that the Joker tosses into the crowd?
It's from Botswana
It is poisoned
It has the Joker's face on it
It explodes
11. What is the secret ingredient in Joker products?
12. While he and Vicki are wandering through Bruce’s mansion, what name does Knox jokingly use to refer to Bruce?
Bruce Vain
Loose Wayne
Money Train
Playboy Wayne
13. What does the Joker do to try to prevent Batman from hitting him?
Sprays him with Joker product
Blows a raspberry
Puts on some glasses
Calls for Bob
14. Whose music is playing on the boombox while the Joker and his goons deface the Gotham museum?
Oingo Boingo
Michael Jackson
Roy Orbison
15. What Academy Award-winning actor played the crime boss Grissom?
Jack Palance
Ed Harris
F. Murray Abraham
Ben Kingsley
16. At which newspaper does Knox work?
The Daily Planet
The Globe
The Daily Bugle
The Sentinel
17. What is the name of the plant where Jack Napier makes his accidental transformation into the Joker?
Acme Chemicals
Axis Chemical Plant
Gotham Chemicals
18. What does the Joker quote his plastic surgeon as saying?
If you gotta go, go with a smile.
This is my worst work ever!
Smile pretty, now!
Would you like a breast job with that?
19. What is the headline in the newspaper the Joker reads?
Who is the Batman?
Man-Bat Scares Gotham
On Wings of Night
Winged Freak Terrorizes
20. When the Joker sees a picture of Knox, what does he say about him?
Let's get him on the payroll.
Do you think he'd like to go to a parade?
Bad tie.
What a buffoon.

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