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How Well Do You Know: 4/11/20-5/17/20
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1. Let's start by checking in on who has passed on lately. Moving on to the Great Improv Troupe in the sky is comic actor Fred Willard, most recently a recurring a guest on this sitcom:
Will and Grace
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory
2. RIP burly everyman actor Brian Dennehy. Best known to screen audiences for his roles in First Blood and Silverado, Dennehy was a two-time Tony winner, with one of the drama awards coming for his work in:
12 Angry Men
Death of a Salesman
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
3. Broadway note #1: This well-known Disney stage production fell victim to Covid, as producers announced it will not reopen when Broadway resumes:
The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
4. Broadway note #2: In more encouraging news, we learned that Broadway megahit Hamilton will come to the masses, when a cinematic version will hit this network's airwaves July 3:
5. Catching on just in the nick of time, this comic actress changed the name of her baby from Gene Atell - which sounds waaaaaayyyy too much like "genital" to Gene David.
Amy Wong
Amy Shumer
Melissa Rauch
6. At least we can be comforted by some things not changing during Covid. For example, this actor is still crashing airplanes:
Clint Eastwood
Ben Affleck
Ed Begley, Jr.
Harrison Ford
7. The gang from this beloved sitcom reunited for a well-received virtual episode:
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
Better Off Ted
8. Movie studio had Trolls World Tour all set to debut in theaters. Studio pivoted and released the film digitally. Studio crowed about the film's success. AMC Theaters said they would no longer carry said studio's films. Who are we talking about here?
Warner Bros
9. Cover Artist, Part I: In a development that no one saw coming, Post Malone impressed everyone when Post Malone streamed a terrific version of this grunge era heavyweight:
Pearl Jam
Stone Temple Pilots
10. Cover Artist, Part II: Miley Cyrus did a serviceable rendition of this classic rock staple for Saturday Night Live:
Free Bird
Going to California
Wish You Were Here
11. And speaking of classic rock, this group unleashed Living In a Ghost Town, their first new song in 8 years:
The Eagles
The Rolling Stones
The Who
12. And finally, alert and discerning subscribers took in The Great, Hulu's unexpected comedy about this figure:
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Alexander the Great
Constantine the Great

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