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How Well Do You Know: 3/21/20-4/10/20
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1. TV, moving on: Modern Family checked in one last time with the Pritchetts and Dunphys this week, with the series concluding after this many seasons:
2. TV, looking back: Will & Grace paid homage on Thursday to this classic comedy:
The Honeymooners
I Love Lucy
The Beverly Hillbillies
Father Knows Best
3. TV, asking who: Taping without an audience, a hew edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire started, with this late-night figure acting as host:
James Corden
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel
Stephen Colbert
4. TV, in brief: Specializing in short-form television shows, a new streaming network that starts with this letter began broadcasting this week:
5. One of Quibi's (did you get it?) primary offerings is this celeb presiding over her "Court":
Martha Stewart
Khloe Kardashian
Chrissy Teigen
Ellen Degeneres
6. Meanwhile, this actor scored points with the public by broadcasting a few editions of his Some Good News:
Dwayne Johnson
Matt Damon
Tom Hanks
John Krasinski
7. In news of the much less sane, Netflix has garnered terrific ratings lately with its absolutely bonkers documentary about this "royal" subject:
Lion Queen
Giraffe Prince
Dalmatian Duke
Tiger King
8. Bowing to the inevitable, Disney scrapped plans to release this film theatrically, instead offering the film directly on Disney+:
Artemis Fowl
Jungle Cruise
Avatar 2
9. We'll end this edition of SLW with some RIPs. Passing on this week was the smooooooooth-voiced Bill Withers, who sang with of the following songs:
Sunshine on My Shoulders
Steal My Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Walking on Sunshine
10. And finally, also passing on this week was actress Honor Blackman, best known for playing this Bond girl in the 007 film series:
Pussy Galore
Honey Ryder
Tiffany Case
Holly Goodhead

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