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How Well Do You Know: 3/7/20-3/13/20
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1. This author would like people to quit comparing Coronavirus/COVID-19 to one of his most famous books.
Cormac McCarthy
Joe Hill
Richard Preston
Stephen King
By way of explanation.....
It's NOT like The Stand, people.
2. This town cancelled its iconic St. Patrick's Day parade, one of the earlier events to call off festivities due to COVID-19.
3. This Senator (among others) was self-isolating after being exposed to a person with COVID-19 at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Chuck Grassley
Lamar Alexander
Mitch McConnell
Ted Cruz
4. Because of Coronavirus, the Council on Foreign Relations cancelled this March 13th conference about...
Economic Concerns
By way of explanation.....
5. This reality series is delaying filming of its next two seasons due to Coronavirus concerns.
The Bachelor
The Masked Singer
Top Chef
6. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson revealed that they tested positive for Coronavirus while in Australia doing pre-production for a film based on this musical icon.
Dolly Parton
Elvis Presley
Kurt Cobain
Paul McCartney
7. The mayor of Landerneau, France defended the decision to defy Coronavirus fears and hold a rally where people tried to set the Guinness World Record for most people dressed as...
Mickey Mouse
Pepe Le Pew
8. Lots of dumb things happened in France in the midst of Coronavirus fears, including an announcement from officials that this supposed cure for the virus does not work.
Foie gras
9. The NBA suspended their season after this player tested positive for the virus - but only after purposefully touching microphones in the press room and belongings of his fellow players.
James Harden
Kawhi Leonard
Paul George
Rudy Gobert
10. Right as the announcements of the NBA season suspension and Hanks/Wilson coronavirus cases were announced, this person kept the weirdness going as they were eliminated from The Masked Singer.
George W. Bush
Johnny Knoxville
Liza Minelli
Sarah Palin
By way of explanation.....
The final straw

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