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How Well Do You Know: 2/17/20-2/23/20
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1. This week's Awesomest Sports Story Ever! of the week concerns the too-good-to-be-true adventure of Zamboni driver David Ayres, who suited up as the emergency goalie for this team:
The Flyers
The Penguins
The Wild
The Hurricanes
2. Ayres not only got game action, but secured the win in a 6-3 victory over the:
Maple Leafs
3. In any other week, Alexander Ovechkin's 700th goal, which came against this team, would have been marquee story:
Golden Knights
4. And in what must be a record-breaking 4th hockey story in this week's OPJ, certainly you must have seen remembrances of the Miracle on Ice, which occurred this many years ago this week:
50 years
100 years
40 years
20 years
5. In NBA news, this team decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and change head coaches this week:
The Timberwolves
The Kings
The Hornets
The Cavs
6. In other Tales from the Association, this wildly overrated baller had his season end thanks to shoulder surgery:
Kyrie Irving
Nikola Jokic
Chris Paul
Tristan Thompson
7. This week in college hoops got downright wacky with a number of high-profile upsets. Coach K lambasted his Dukies' "not competitive" effort as they went down hard against:
Wake Forest
NC State
8. Elsewhere, Kansas knocked off #1 Baylor, ending the Bears' Big 12 winning streak at this many games:
9. And the last of the unbeatens in the major conferences finally got a loss, as this team hung an L on San Diego State:
Colorado State
Utah State
10. Finally, in boxing, Wilder-Fury II delivered a generally entertaining rematch, with the result being:
Wilder winning by knockout
Wilder winning by TKO
Fury winning by TKO
Fury winning by decision

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