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How Well Do You Know: 2/14/20-2/20/20
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1. There's no time to record a different version, so we'll have to stick with this singing star's version of No Time to Die, as the theme to the upcoming James Bond was released this week:
Billie Eilish
Dua Lipa
2. Making the quantum leap from console to the big screen, the Sonic the Hedgehog film raked in approximately this amount during its 4-day debut weekend:
About $60 million
About $70 million
About $80 million
About $50 million
3. Attention theme park tourists! Disney World really wants you to know that the former Epcot Center is now officially to be known as:
Disney's Epcot
Epcot World
World of Epcot
4. Netflix returned its teen rom-com well, following up its lauded To All the Boys I've Loved Before with a sequel, this one titled:
To All the Boys No One Has Loved
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You
To All the Boys Who Have Become Men
I Remember All the Boys
5. RIP to Charles Portis. You may not know the name of the write dubbed "our least-known great novelist," but you're undoubtedly familiar with the name of this western, his most famous work:
True Grit
No Country for Old Men
High Noon
Lonesome Dove
6. Also passing on, at a much, much younger age, was British TV presenter Caroline Flack, best known for her hosting duties on this UK hit:
The Great British Bake Off
Love Island
The Circle
Celebrity Big Brother
7. And we'll conclude this week's trio of RIPs by noting the passing of a young promising actor whose stage name included:
8. Thanks to clues dropped in his/her new memoir, it seems that this long-time SNL vet might be leaving the show:
Michael Che
Pete Davidson
Colin Jost
Kate McKinnon
9. In exciting comic baby-making news book news, we learned that this prominent female character is pregnant:
Wonder Woman
Jean Grey
Captain Marvel
10. A few months after Sweet Child O' Mine became the first, this bellwether video became just the 2nd vid from the 1980s to cross the billion view milestone on YouTube:
A-ha's Take On Me
Madonna's Like a Virgin
Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal
Peter Gabriel's Sledge Hammer

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