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How Well Do You Know: 2/3/20-2/9/20
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1. During the winter of college football, this big-name midwestern school saw its football coach step down amid allegations of recruiting violations:
Michigan State
West Virginia
Ohio State
2. Let it be forever known that this city won the very first game in the 2nd iteration of the XFL:
Tampa Bay
3. Please step forward if you are a city that has an XFL team. Not so fast there....
New York
St. Louis
4. Geno Auriemma's team just ain't what it used to be. This team went into UConn and plastered the Huskies 74-56:
Texas A&M
5. On the men's side, this Big East rival hit a 3 at the buzzer to beat a visiting Villanova:
St. John's
6. Duke/UNC had all that and more. In a game that featured multiple last-minute comebacks and maaaaaaaaybe a missed double-dribble call, who won?
Duke won at home
Duke won on the road
UNC won at home
UNC won on the road
7. In baseball, the Dodgers are gonna win a World Series any way they can, dammit. LA pulled off a mega-deal, getting the fantastic Mookie Betts and which other Rex Sox player?
Xander Bogaerts
JD Martinez
David Price
Nathan Eovaldi
8. Meanwhile, the Dodgers' attempt to unload Joc Pederson to this team has apparently fallen apart:
The Diamondbacks
The Rockies
The Giants
The Angels
9. In the NBA, the Warriors' attempt to remake themselves continues as Golden State traded D'Angelo Russell for....whom?
Andrew Wiggins
Lonzo Ball
Jamal Murray
Michael Beasley
10. And in further Tales from the Association, LeBron James took with the first pick in the All-Star game draft this player, who you may have heard of:
James Harden
Anthony Davis
Kawhi Leonard
Luka Doncic

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