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How Well Do You Know: WKRP In Cincinnati: Turkeys Away
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Turkeys Away

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1. What is the problem that Arthur faces in the beginning of the episode?
None of the station employees want him involved in any station business
Mother Carlson is threatening to close down the station
Jennifer complains that Herb is hitting on her
Johnny is suspected of on-air drug use
2. Which two employees does The Big Guy seek to involve in what he calls "the greatest promotion idea of all time?"
Jennifer and Bailey
Herb and Les
Johnny and Jennifer
Johnny and Venus
3. Arthur's plan calls for how many live turkeys?
4. At his meeting with Les, Herb and Andy about the promotion, Arthur requested that Jennifer do two things. She refused both. What were they?
Sit next to Herb and hold all his calls
Take dictation and get coffee
Run out to get him a donut and alert the media
Run interference if Mother Carlson should show up and keep Johnny sober
5. The turkeys were dropped onto:
A football field
A car dealership
An area high school
A shopping mall parking lot
6. Johnny recounts that following an earlier failed promotion, the station sent to victims of a Guatemalan earthquake 3000 of what item?
WKRP pancake turners
Guitar picks
Blonde wigs
7. How did Les describe the crowd assembled at the beginning of the drop?
Curious but well-behaved
Jocular and inquisitive
8. The turkeys were launched from:
A catapult
A helicopter
The roof of a building
The top of a telephone pole
9. Returning to the office, a disheveled and shaken Les recounts the end of the turkey drop. "It was like the turkeys....."
Knew their goose was cooked
Mounted a counterattack
Sought the safety of a warm oven
Sought out those most directly responsible
10. OK, you knew this was coming. Arthur laments at the close of the episode, "As God as my witness...."
"I thought this was a good idea"
"This was all Herb's idea"
"We'll do better next Thanksgiving"
"I thought turkeys could fly"

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