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How Well Do You Know: 1/31/20-2/6/20
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1. Be in the theater where it happens when the Hamilton movie eventually shows. Lin Manuel-Miranda announced his blockbuster musical will get a cinematic treatment, with the roles being played by:
The original Broadway cast
First-time actors
2. In more current but decidedly more discouraging movie news was the abject failure of The Rhythm Section. As the film set the record for the lowest gross ever recorded for a movie opening in 3000+ theaters ($2.8 million), you may not even know that this woman starred in the film:
Evan Rachel Wood
Saoirse Ronan
Emily Blunt
Blake Lively
3. Netflix debuted a surprisingly engaging social media-based reality show which features this geometric shape in its title:
4. Don't go looking for this contemporary author on Facebook any more, as s/he quit the platform over privacy concerns and a "flood of false information":
Stephen King
JK Rowling
Suzanne Collins
Gillian Flynn
5. Speaking of prolific writers, the literary world bid RIP to Mary Higgins Clark, a writer who specialized in this genre:
6. May we all live to the age of 103 afforded to Kirk Douglas who passed on this week. What type of Oscar did Douglas win during his impressive career?
Lead actor
Supporting actor
Best picture (as a producer)
7. Who belted out an impressive rendition of the National Anthem to kick off Sunday's Super Bowl?
The Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato
Jennifer Hudson
8. And the stars of the halftime show, Shakira an Jennifer Lopez, grabbed tons of headlines with their kinetic show, which featured each of the following except for:
A stripper pole
A rope dance
Exotic animals live on stage
9. It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without ads. Which acting veteran starred along side Lil Nas X for Doritos?
Gene Hackman
Sam Elliott
Clint Eastwood
Kevin Costner
10. Who was not among the trio of Boston natives who appeared in a wicked smaht commercial for a self-parking Hyundai commercial?
Rachel Dracht
Molly Shannon
Chris Evans
John Krasinski
11. And this show aired in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot:
The Masked Singer
12. We hope you caught the trailer for the upcoming 9th edition of the Fast and Furious movie, in which you learned this shocking fact:
Neither the word Fast nor Furious appears in the title!
Vin Diesel is no where to be seen!
A thought-to-be-dead character returns!
The gang has forsworn all car racing!
13. In royal pop culture news, The Crown announced that the fifth and final series of the feature will feature as Queen Elizabeth II the Harry Potter franchise actress who played which role?
Professor Mcgonagall
Fleur Delacour
Professor Umbridge
Hermione Granger
14. Wrapping up a marriage that lasted little more than the ceremony, who ended their wedding a mere 12 days after saying "I do"?
Pamela Anderson
Charlie Sheen
Randy Quaid
Billie Eilish
15. And no sooner had The Good Place concluded its charming run did one of its stars find controversial. Slammed for being picked to host a reality series about ballroom culture on HBO, who responded to critics by coming out as gay?
Manny Jacinto
Kristen Bell
William Jackson Harper
Jameela Jamil

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