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How Well Do You Know: 1/27/20-2/2/20
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1. Say hey to your Super Bowl LIV MVP:
Travis Kelce
Tyreek Hill
Patrick Mahommes
Damien Williams
2. In the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal's attempt to creep closer to Roger Federer's record for majors was put on hold when he was upset by this man:
Tenys Sandgren
Dominic Thiem
Daniil Medvedev
Stan Wawrinka
3. With Nadal out of the way, Novak Djokovic himself pulled closer to Federer. With the 2020 Australian under his belt, Djokovic now stands at this number of majors:
4. On the women's side, this American took the singles title:
Coco Gauff
Alison Riske
Amanda Anisimova
Sofia Kenin
5. Apparently with no other options available, the Astros said "what the hell" and signed this man to be their manager:
Clint Hurdle
Dusty Baker
Bobby Valentine
Alex, wait a minute.....
6. If you were named as a starter for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, please step forward. Hey, not so fast there....
Trae Young
Kawki Leonard
Joel Embiid
Damian Lillard
7. Meanwhile, on the court, this team went into Milwaukee and stopped the Bucks' 9-game winning streak:
The Rockets
The Pelicans
The Blazers
The Nuggets
8. And this aforementioned team defeated the Lakers at Staples for their first time since Kobe's death:
The Rockets
The Pelicans
The Blazers
The Nuggets
9. Among better-known names named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame like Edgerin James, Troy Polamalu and Isaac Bruce was standout safety Steve Atwater. For whom did the Smiling Assassin play for in 10 of his 11 years in the League?
The Brown
The Broncos
The Dolphins
The Chargers
10. And surprising absolutely no one, he was announced as the 2019-20 NFL MVP:
Lamar Jackson
Patrick Mahommes
Derrick Henry
JJ Watt

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