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How Well Do You Know: 1/13/20-1/19/20
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1. In a strictly business-as-usual week in MLB, only which of the following retained its manager, just week before pitchers and managers report?
Tampa Bay
NY Mets
2. The "niece" of which figure central to the shenanigans took center stage with "her" tweets about the goings-on?
Carlos Beltran
Alex Cora
AJ Hinch
Jose Altuve
3. Unfortunately, the sign stealing fiasco largely overshadowed this club making Alyssa Nakken the first ever female to coach in the majors:
Chicago White Sox
San Francisco
St. Louis
4. In saner times during the week, LSU romped to a National Championship win behind quarterback Joe Burrow, who set the NCAA mark for total touchdowns with this many:
5. On the field amidst post-game celebrations, this former LSU star was seen handing out money to the players:
Derrius Guice
Jarvis Landry
Tyrann Mathieu ('cause he don't give a ....)
Odell Beckham, Jr.
6. In college ball, after a week of various upsets, the women of this school stand alone at the top of the AP poll:
South Carolina
Florida State
7. Days before Coach K's team was defeated for the second time in a week by Louisville, fans of this ACC squad stormed the court after handing the Dukies an L:
Boston College
8. Still in the ACC, UNC's loss at this school meant that the Tar Heels have fallen below .500 for the year:
NC State
Wake Forrest
Florida Stat
9. Meanwhile, Netflix began to air a high-profile documentary about this now-notorious former professional athlete:
OJ Simpson
Aaron Hernandez
Pete Rose
Ray Rice
10. And the 49ers will head back to the Super Bowl, largely on the strength of Raheem Mostert, who pancaked the Packers with this many rushing yards:

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