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How Well Do You Know: 1/6/20-1/12/20
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1. A wild, wacky weekend in NFL football to be sure. The Titans stunned the pre-ordained Ravens at home on the strength of Derrick Henry's stellar performance. Henry is the first player to record:
170+ yards in 3 straight games
150+ yards in 3 straight games
180+ yards in 3 straight games
190+ yards in 3 straight games
2. Meanwhile, the Chiefs pulled a stunner of their own, in a way, becoming the first ever team in the postseason to be down by ______ and come back to win by _______:
3. In college ball, your 2019 FCS champions are:
North Dakota State
James Madison
Montana State
4. Flipping back to the NFL, Jerruh Jones tabbed as the most recent man to completely disappoint as Cowboys coach the head man who most recently coached:
Green Bay
New York Giants
University of Michigan
5. No, the Cowboys didn't select a coach from college ball. But the Panthers did, swooping in and snagging the coach responsible for this university's turnaround as of late:
6. Meanwhile, the SEC got a little more lively, as they convinced the head coach of this school to move on down southeast a bit:
Washington State
Air Force
Boise State
7. In college hoops, historic was the fustigation placed on Michigan State by this school, handing Tom Izzo and Sparty a 71-42 whoopin' on Saturday:
8. And nobody beats this ACC foe 60 straight times on its home court....just ask this team, 79-76 winners Saturday at the Dean Dome:
NC State
Florida State
Wake Forest
9. Earlier in the week, Big 10 combatants Ohio State and Maryland faced off, with the result being:
A Buckeyes win at home
A Buckeyes win on the road
A Terrapins win at home
A Terrapins win on the road
10. And women's basketball had a marquee matchtup, when #6 Baylor and #1 Connecticut got together. Who won?
The Bears won at home
The Bears won on the road
The Huskies won at home
The Huskies won on the road
11. Flipping over to the NBA, we read that this big man logged 47 points without a single turnover Monday night:
Anthony Davis
Karl-Anthony Towns
DeMarcus Cousins
Nikola Jokic
12. And finally, the sporting world lost a keen and influential mind, as Pete Dye, designer of these passed on at age 94:
NASCAR tracks
Horse racing parks
Athletic shoes
Golf courses

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