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How Well Do You Know: 12/23/19-12/29/19
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1. A quarterback Sunday somehow managed to finish the NFL season with:
10 TDs and 10 INTs
20 TDs and 20 INTs
30 TDs and 30 INTs
40 TDs and 40 INTs
2. Its was the final division champion to be determined this season:
NFC East
AFC South
AFC West
NFC West
3. Which division listed below will not send a wild card team to the playoffs?
NFC North
AFC East
AFC West
NFC South
4. He lead the league in rushing this season:
Nick Chubb
Christian McCaffery
Ezekiel Elliott
Chris Carson
5. The season's league leader in receiving yards plays for the:
6. The season's sack-meister is none other than:
TJ Watt
Cameron Jordan
Chandler Jones
Shaquil Barrett
7. And among quarterbacks, he posted the best passer rating for the 2019 season:
Ryan Tannenhill
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Drew Brees
Kirk Cousins
8. One of the CFP semifinals was closely contested. The other was very very very very not. LSU's Joe burrow carved up Oklahoma for this many first half touchdowns:
9. Meanwhile, a really fun game saw Clemson be propelled past Ohio State into the national finals. The Tigers and Buckeyes entered Saturday's game with a combined winning streak of this many games:
10. And we'll end with a quick nod to college basketball, which featured a very entertaining tilt between Louisville and Kentucky that resulted in:
A Louisville overtime win at home
A Louisville overtime win on the road
A Kentucky overtime win at home
A Kentucky overtime win on the road

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