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How Well Do You Know: 12/20/19-12/26/19
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1. Eddie Murphy's return to Saturday Night Live was a big win for NBC, as the edition garnered the biggest audience in two years. Which of the following was not a character that Murphy reprised for his return?
Hanukkah Harry
Mr. Robinson
2. The publicist representing this entertainment pariah made a mountain out of a molehill, firing back after Murphy made a passing reference during his monologue?
Harvey Weinstein
Louis CK
Bill Cosby
3. Attention, everyone, attention! Cats, new at the theaters, is apparently very, very, very bad. Three of the following were caught up in this cataclysm as a member of its cast. Who had the good fortune not to be cast?
Anne Hathaway
Rebel Wilson
Judi Dench
Idris Elba
4. In non-Cats related movie news, Bombshell also opened. The Robbie/Kidman/Theron film recounts traumatic events behind the scenes at which network?
Fox News
5. Please estimate the amount raked in during The Rise of Skywalker's North American opening weekend:
$140-160 million
$160-180 million
$180-200 million
$200-240 million
6. Star Wars IX largely brought the old gang back together, with one of the new notable new roles filled by the actor/actress behind this title TV character:
Ugly Betty
7. On the small screen, the curtain fell on Mr. Robot with Sunday's series finale. Typing up this question, we had to go back to double-check: He played Mr. Robot:
Skeet Ulrich
Rami Malek
Christian Slater
Bruce Campbell
8. And based on game? book series? graphic novel? (we're still not sure) The Witcher began its run on Netflix. This actor, best known for his super hero portrayal, plays the title role:
Henry Cavill
Chris Evans
Jason Momoa
Ben Affleck
9. And now in its second season, this one-pronoun-titled show returns to Netflix:
10. And Christmas week ended with a record-scratch, as, wanting to "live a little more," this music star announced s/he is taking a break from music:
Adam Levine
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Ed Sheeran

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