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How Well Do You Know: 12/2/19-12/8/19
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1. From the following, pick the final CFP rankings that will determine the matchups in the national semi-finals:
Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma
LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma
LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma
Ohio State, LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma
2. Which of the following did *not* win their conference championship?
Florida Atlantic
Appalachian State
3. In non-college football news, the sports landscape was littered with the carcasses of fired coaches this week. First, in the NFL, this organization gave their head man the boot:
The Jets
The Panthers
The Falcons
The Chargers
4. Over in hockey, the management of this NHL franchise thought they'd seen enough and axed their coach:
The Red Wings
The Senators
The Wild
The Devils
5. And in pro basketball, this was our shocked face when this monument to organizational efficiency booted their coach:
The Knicks
The Cavaliers
The Kings
The Grizzlies
6. College basketball had a pair of new #1s this week. Following Oregon's first loss of the year, this school rose to the top of the polls:
Notre Dame
7. And in the week that Michigan made history by going from unranked to #4, this team took over the top spot on the men's side:
8. Tuesday night saw the two schools mentioned in the previous question, Louisville and Michigan, square off, with the result being:
An easy Louisville win at home
A tight Louisville win on the road
An easy Michigan win at home
A tight Michigan win on the road
9. Similarly, Tuesday night also saw Duke and Michigan State Match up. What was the final score?
95-93 Duke
75-69 Michigan State
87-75 Blue Devils
63-43 Sparty
10. And finally, this NBA player dunked a ball so hard and fast that it seemed to violate the space/time continuum, and the basket didn't count, even though it totally should have:
LeBron James
James Harden
Anthony Davis
Kawhi Leonard

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