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How Well Do You Know: 11/25/19-12/1/19
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1. The anticipated 49ers/Ravens clash lived up to advanced billing, with Baltimore coming away with a 3 point victory at home. What was the final score?
2. The first team to clinch its NFL division was:
The Saints
The Patriots
The Chiefs
The Colts
3. And this team took home a victory on Sunday, thanks in part a a run-of-the-mill punter/kicker hookup for a touchdown:
The Broncos
The Steelers
The Dolphins
The Texans
4. It was a crazy week in college basketball. Who shocked #3 Michigan State Monday at the Maui Invitational?
Boston College
Florida State
Virginia Tech
5. But the upset of the week has to go to Stephen F. Austin. Prior to SFA's win at Cameron, the last time Duke lost to an unranked, non-power conference team at home was 1983. So, hats off to the:
6. Heading into college football's final pre-conference tournament weekend, a new team took the top spot in the CFP rankings. With previous #1 LSU dropping a spot, the new top of the rankings went to:
Ohio State
7. In Odd Ways to Lose a College Football Game, we read that a end-zone-dog-peeing-celebration-penalty cost this team the game:
Mississippi State
Oklahoma State
8. From that same file, the Iron Bowl was decided in the oddest of ways, with Auburn clinching victory thanks to this kind of penalty:
Sideline interference
Defensive pass interference
Unnecessary roughness
Too many men on the field
9. In hockey news, this Canadian team let its coach go, following a racial epithet scandal:
The Maple Leafs
The Flames
The Senators
The Canucks
10. And the Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show saw Thor bound away with the top overall prize. Thor is a:
Scottish terrier
Pharaoh hound

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