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How Well Do You Know: 11/15/19-11/21/19
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1. On the big screen, it was opening weekend for a new film whose title featured two:
Clothing makers
Television networks
National magazines
Car companies
2. Meanwhile, a retooled Charlie's Angels went absolutely nowhere. Not that anyone noticed, but the Elizabeth Banks-helmed film featured each of the following as one of the title Angels, except for:
Kristen Stewart
Naomi Scott
Thandie Newton
Ella Balinska
3. From English royalty to an American politician, we read that this Oscar nominee will portray Bill Clinton in the next installment of American Crime Story:
Javier Bardem
Christoph Waltz
Hugh Jackman
Clive Owen
4. On the small screen, The Crown returned to Netflix. As promised, the new season turned over the cast, with this recent Oscar winner taking over the role of Elizabeth from Claire Foy:
Cate Blanchett
Olivia Colman
Alicia Vikander
Marion Cottilard
5. Stephen Colbert, a late-night host you've definitely heard of, took his show on the road, broadcasting from this country, which you have hopefully heard of:
New Zealand
6. Saturday Night Live made a lot of news for this week's show, first with this singer both performing and hosting......
Harry Styles
Joe Jonas
Adam Levine
Adam Lambert
7. ...but even more so for its skit that resulted in this unsuspecting food company getting swamped with social media messages:
Betty Crocker
Sara Lee
Duncan Hines
8. Dancing With the Stars turned in an unexpectedly emotional conclusion to its show this week, with this star eliminated, just days after the news of his wife's miscarriage broke:
Kel Mitchell
Lamar Odom
Kamaro Brown
James van der Beek
9. Get your red hot Grammy nomination news! This year's nominations came out Wednesday, with this performer, not unexpectedly, leading all acts with 8 nominations:
Billie Eilish
Lil Nas X
Vampire Weekend
10. Early adopters of anticipated new services have had a rough ride lately. The week after a less-than-smooth rollout, Disney+ users had to contend with this complication:
Sudden disappearances of all titles from their collection
Account compromises
The loss of access on mobile devices
The removal of all Marvel titles
11. The road was no smoother for gamers that anticipated the release of Stadia. The cloud gaming service, operated by this entity, also suffered a glitchy and delayed rollout this week:
12. And the Bad Idea Jeans bad idea of the week came in the form of news that a Hollywood exec had suggested that this decidedly caucasian actress playing civil rights figure Harriet Tubman:
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep
Julia Roberts
Julianne Moore

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