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How Well Do You Know: 11/8/19-11/14/19
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1. Music, Part 1: The winner was announced, and the furious reactions poured forth. Whose win at the CMAs for Entertainment of the Year brought down the ire of many, many viewers?
Lil Nas X
Chris Stapleton
Carrie Underwood
Garth Brooks
2. Were you in theaters Wednesday night for this star's El Dorado World Tour concert movie? If not, it's tough cookies for you, because it was a one-night-only event:
Luis Fonsi
Jennifer Lopez
Ricky Martin
3. Music, Part 3: Meanwhile, this musical newsmaker threw open his doors to the public for a yard sale held at his LA mansion:
Kanye West
Ed Sheeren
Chris Brown
Justin Bieber
4. Music, Part 4: This pair released a new, much-less-objectionable-and-creepy version of Baby, It's Cold Outside:
Demi Lovato and Adam Levine
Christina Aguilera and Chris Daughtry
Mandy Moore and Shawn Mendes
Kelly Clarkson and John Legend
5. This week in You Are Old: Which of the following influential television shows debuted 50 years ago this week?
Sesame Street
60 Minutes
Days of Our Lives
6. And now, for some movie talk. Among this week's slate of new releases was a war movie that recounted a famous battle that took place during:
World War I
World War II
Vietnam War
Gulf War
7. Also new at Ye Olde Multiplex, opening to decent reviews but middling box office, was the sequel to this Stephen King classic:
Salem's Lot
The Stand
The Shining
8. And this elemental substance figured into the title of yet another new release:
9. And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Last Christmas, the holiday release that made news of the bad kind due to its:
Unflattering topless appearance by star Emilia Clarke
Wacky sudden plot twist
Ear-assaulting soundtrack by Billie Eilish
Direction by Hollywood scourge Roman Polanski
10. And finally, someone mentioned earlier in the quiz was named People's Sexiest Man Alive?
Ed Sheeren
Lil Nas X
Kanye West
John Legend

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