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How Well Do You Know: 11/4/19-11/10/19
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1. A marquee weekend in college football gave audiences not 1, not 2, not....wait, no: 2 matchups of undefeated teams, with those games featuring opponents from these conferences:
Pac 12 and Big 10
Big 12 and ACC
Big 10 and SEC
2. One of those matchups, LSU/Alabama, was a gem, with the result being:
LSU winning at home
LSU winning on the road
Alabama winning at home
Alabama winning on the road
3. The initial CFP poll generated a lot of talking, with this school named #1:
Ohio State
Penn State
4. Adherents of this program took great exception to being left out of the top 4, as they saw they school pegged at #5 in the first rankings:
Penn State
Ohio State
5. With a quick peek at hockey, three field goals were enough for this team as they overcame the Predators' two safeties in a wild 9-4 this week:
The Avalanche
The Black Knights
The Capitals
The Hurricanes
6. In Tales from the Association, the men of this city shocked Philadelphia, handing the Sixers their first L of the season:
7. Meanwhile, in baseball, a trio of batters from this franchise won Silver Slugger awards this week:
New York (Yankees)
8. College basketball opened with a rare oddity, as each of the four top-ranked teams played on Wednesday night. Who won the Kansas/Duke and Michigan State/Kentucky contests?
Kansas and Michigan State
Kansas and Kentucky
Duke and Michigan State
Duke and Kentucky
9. Later, #11 Virginia clamped down defensively against these guys in an eye-opening 48-34 game:
Boston College
10. And in tales of two quarterbacks heading in opposite directions, he recorded a perfect rating on Sunday, days after this other guy heading to IR, ending his season:
Dak Prescott / Drew Brees
Kirk Cousins / Daniel Jones
Lamar Jackson / Cam Newton
Patrick Mahomes / Philip Rivers

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