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How Well Do You Know: 11/1/19-11/7/19
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As Halloween came and went, this star posted an Instagram of her costume, a nod to Britney Spears of yore:
Natalie Portman
Kristen Bell
Brie Larson
2. If your waiter at PF Chang's looks a wee bit familiar, it might be because this screen icon has filled out an application to work there:
Bill Murray
Matt Damon
Kevin Bacon
Robert Downey, Jr.
3. HBO's latest attempt at a new franchise arrived with this week's debut of His Dark Materials, drawing from the books originally written by this sci-fi/fantasy writer:
Orson Scott Card
Philip Pullman
Robert Jordan
Robert R. McCammon
4. The future is now officially the past, as we are in November 2019, the setting for this futuristic film:
Total Recall
Blade Runner
Back to the Future, Part II
The Road Warrior
5. RIP Rudy Boesch, ex-Navy SEAL and unlikely reality star who appeared in the very first season of this franchise:
Top Chef
Big Brother
The Amazing Race
6. Meanwhile in Africa, Part 1: This late night host, who you have heard of, took his show on the road to shoot in the country of Ghana, which you may or may not have:
Jimmy Kimmel
Stephen Colbert
Conan O'Brien
Jimmy Fallon
7. Meanwhile in Africa, Part 2: With movie awards approaching, the Academy disqualified a Nigerian film from the Best International Movie category, because.....
Nigeria isn't formally recognized by the UN
The film is animated
The film is directed by an American
Too much of the film is in English
8. The internet said "hey there" to Alexandra Grant as she beamed on the arm of him, her famous boyfriend, as they made their first public appearance this week:
Keanu Reeves
Zac Effron
Chris Pine
Johnny Depp
9. Go ahead and call it a comeback: He's been dead for decades, but apparently this star of the 1950s will appear in a "secondary lead role" in the upcoming film Finding Jack:
Cary Grant
Jimmy Stewart
John Wayne
James Dean
10. Apparently not so ready to mingle, this Harry Potter franchise star referred to him/herself as "self-partnered," preferring that term over "single:"
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint
Daniel Radcliffe
Tom Felton

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