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How Well Do You Know: 10/25/19-10/31/19
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1. Join everybody and their brother who are dancing down those stairs in Brooklyn now that The Joker is now the #1 box office draw for R-rated movies. Which film previously held the title?
The Passion of the Christ
The Matrix Reloaded
Deadpool 2
2. Which actress is shown below, Halloweening it up as her singer husband in his glory days?
Nicole Kidman
Priyanka Chopra
Jessica Biel
Katherine Heigl
3. Did you accept the Twain Prize for Humor at the Kennedy Center this week? If so, that means your name must be:
Carl Reiner
Louie Anderson
Dave Chappelle
Stephen Wright
4. Now that you mention it, HBO's Silicon Valley *did* have some coarse language and drug references during its run. Which of the following is not a character on the brilliant comedy, which began its final season Sunday night?
Jared Dunn
Dinesh Chugtai
Bertram Gilfoyle
Barry Kripke
5. More character talk? OK. Your video game lovin' friends likely immersed themselves in the realistic violence Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But were they nice enough to tell you the name of the series' main character?
Major Phoenix
Captain Price
Sergeant Max
6. Did you head on down to ye olde record shoppe to pick up Kanye West's new album, which could be best characterized in this way:
Religious themed
Furiously liberally political
Covers of other rap classics
7. Younger generations may not be familiar with the name Robert Evans - who died this week at age 89 - but he has left an indelible mark on Hollywood as his role a producer/exec for this movie studio:
United Artists
Warner Bros.
8. We hope that phoning in the last season of Game of Thrones was worth it to showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff. The two have been taken off their next big project, which was a new installment in this coveted franchise:
Star Trek
Fast & Furious
Star Wars
The Matrix
9. HBO's uncertain path to continue the Game of Thrones machine hit some more turbulence this week. While one prequel was confirmed moving forward, another GoT project, starring this actress, was shelved:
Kirsten Dunst
Naomi Watts
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Cate Blanchett
10. $500 million. That's a lotta semolians. And apparently that's all it took for the upcoming HBO Max to secure the rights to this underground animated special:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Bojack Horseman

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