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How Well Do You Know: 10/14/19-10/20/19
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1. Let's start with baseball, where the Fall Classic has been set. A surprisingly dominant Washington pitching staff held the Cardinals to this many runs in their 4 game NLCS sweep:
2. Meanwhile, say hey to your ALCS MVP:
George Springer
Justin Verlander
Gerrit Cole
Jose Altuve
3. Even Yankee haters were saddened at the site of CC Sabathia making his way off the field Thursday, his career apparently over after he hurt his ________ mid-pitch in Game 5:
4. As the LCSs played out on the field, this team was looking to the future, inking former Cubs manager Joe Maddon to be their coach:
5. In the NFL, this benched starter maintained that his recent demotion doesn't mean his career is over:
Joe Flacco
Case Keenum
Philip Rivers
Marcus Mariota
6. Superstar Patrick Mahomes also missed action - though due to injury. Who were Mahomes' Chiefs playing with the signalcaller dislocated his patella?
The Texans
The Broncos
The Raiders
The Chargers
7. In college ball, this Heisman favorite was similarly sidelined by a high ankle sprain which required surgery?
Joe Burrow
Trevor Lawrence
Tua Tagovailoa
Jalen Hurts
8. The Badgers were looking to maintain their perfect record ahead of next week's matchup with the Buckeyes. Who said, not so fast my friends and handed Wisconsin a shocking road loss?
The Illini
The Scarlet Knights
The Wildcats
The Hoosiers
9. But wait, there's more. When Georgia State and Coastal Carolina get together, it's bound to be a barn-burner. Saturday, every player on both teams was penalized for:
Kneeling for the anthem
Brawling on the field before the game
Brawling on the field between quarters
10. And have you been paying attention to the Premier League? If so, you'll know that this team stopped Liverpool's perfect season with a 1-1 tie on Sunday:
Sheffield United
Manchester City
Manchester United

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