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How Well Do You Know: 10/11/19-10/17/19
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1. The game is (back) on!: This game emerged from its self-imposed, several-days-long, customer-frustrating blackout to reveal its new update:
Pokemon Go!
Call of Duty
Candy Crush
2. Old song makes new news: this classic from the 1980s became the first video from that era to garner 1 billion YouTube views:
Sweet Child o' Mine
Like a Prayer
We Built This City
3. At the movies, while Joker continued its stay at the top of the box office, the flick was parodied on Saturday Night Live, with this Muppet the focal point:
The Count
Big Bird
Oscar the Grouch
4. Meanwhile, hitting a few theaters but many televisions was the film follow-up to Breaking Bad. The film's title is the name of a:
Southwestern US city
Regional airport
Car model
Drug company
5. Many, many people lent their voices to the animated Adams Family that debuted over the weekend. Who was not among them?
Angelina Jolie
Oscar Isaac
Snoop Dogg
Bette Midler
6. Joining worthy acts such as Chaka Khan and Rufus, Judas Priest and Notorious BIG as nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is this act - which, if inducted, would lead the SLW staff to journey to Cleveland to protest:
Spin Doctors
Hootie and the Blowfish
Dave Matthew Band
7. Insensitivity, Part 1: This TV actress is "deeply sorry" for offending when she posted an Instagram video of herself rapping along to a Lauryn Hill song that included the n-word:
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kristin Bell
Gina Rodriguez
Melissa Benoist
8. Insensitivity, Park 2: Critics meanwhile told this country singer to "put on some pants" when the star wore a traditional Vietnamese garment.....but only the top half;
Kacey Musgraves
Miranda Lambert
Carrie Underwood
Maren Morris
9. This actress, #3 on SLW's All-Time Overrated Celebrity List, made a big deal when she finally got with the program and joined Instagram this week:
Halle Berry
Jennifer Aniston
Natalie Portman
Judi Dench
10. The Week in Aniston continued, as she made the controversial statement that there should be fewer.....what?
Oscar categories
Marvel movies
Video streaming services
TV networks

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