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How Well Do You Know: 10/4/19-10/10/19
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1. RIP to brilliant, trailblazing, hard-living, cantankerous drummer Ginger Rogers. Dead this week at age 80, Rogers is remembered as the drumming pioneer for supergroups Cream and:
The Yardbirds
Derek and the Dominoes
Blind Faith
Humble Pie
2. Also moving on this week is actress Diahann Carroll. The Tony award winner made TV history when she starred as the title character in this sitcom:
3. And Karen Pendleton, original member of this famous group, died at age 73:
Partridge Family cast
Brady bunch cast
Munchkins from Wizard of Oz
4. It was a dark day in the staff room of this hallmark US magazine this week, when owners announced the layoff of about half its staff:
Rolling Stone
National Geographic
Sports Illustrated
5. If you're keen on this literary franchise of the recent past, you'll be jonesing for the recently-announced next chapter in the franchise, titled "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes":
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Fifty Shades of Grey
6. Old TV as New TV, Part 1: Trying to shake off the Cosby-ness of its former iteration, a revival of Kids Say the Darnedest Things launched this week, with this funnywoman as its host:
Amy Poehler
Rebel Wilson
Tiffany Haddish
Anna Kendrick
7. Old TV as New TV, Part 2: In the new Batwoman series that debuted Sunday night, Ruby Rose plays which character that has held the Batwoman mantle?
Cassandra Cain
Katherine Webb
Selina Kyle
Kate Kane
8. Old TV as New TV, Part 3: Meanwhile, The CW launched a series reimagining which teenage detective(s)?
Nancy Drew
The Hardy Boys
Daphne & Velma
Encyclopedia Brown
9. Overcoming and/or fueled by its pre-release controversies, Todd Phillips and Joaquim Phoenix's Joker stormed to an impressive opening weekend, earning this much in its North American debut:
Just under $90 million
Between $90-95 million
Between $95-100 million
Just over $100 million
10. This video game company started an international incident for banning gamer Blitzchung, after said gamer displayed and voiced support of Hong Kong protesters this week:

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