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How Well Do You Know: 10/1/19-10/6/19
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1. After developments during Sunday's NFL action, there are ______ undefeated teams and ________ winless teams:
3 / 6
2 / 5
3 / 5
2 / 6
2. Earlier in the week, fans were treated to a match up two 0-3 teams both from this division, and Booger McFarland:
AFC East
AFC North
NFC West
NFC South
3. And thanks to his targeting and all-around less-than-gentlemanly ways on the field, a defender for this player was suspended for the rest of the season:
Kansas City
4. Meanwhile, this team had to go shopping for a new kicker, as the player who started in that position had to have surgery done, sidelining him for the rest of the year:
The Patriots
The Packers
The Chargers
The Bucs
5. And Bill Bidwill, longtime owner of this franchise, passed away at age 88:
The Packers
The Browns
The Colts
The Cardinals
6. NHL's opening season saw a matchup of the last two Cup winners, with the result being:
A Washington victory at home
A Washington victory on the road
A St. Louis victory at home
A St. Louis victory on the road
7. These two fields played host to the MLB Wild Card games:
Miller Park and Oakland Coliseum
Miller Park and Tropicana Field
Nationals Park and Oakland Coliseum
Nationals Park and Tropicana Field
8. The postseason has already turned in some memorable moments. in a nutty game one of their season, which ended in a 7-6 decision, St. Louis and Atlanta plated this many runs in the 9th inning:
0, so forget we said anything
9. Meanwhile, this starting pitcher of note appeared in an LDS game in a relief role:
Clayton Kershaw
Masahiro Tanaka
Adam Wainright
Max Scherzer
10. And the Rays saw enough of Gerrit Cole in Game 2, thank you very much. Cole struck out this many Rays.
11. As college basketball Midnight Madnesses get started across the land, this basketball factory had to apologize after a ribald Snoop Dogg performance shocked those in attendance:
North Carolina
12. And a ho-hum college football weekend was livened up some by this ranked team putting up 21 in the fourth quarter to eventually win a 3OT game:

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