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How Well Do You Know: 9/20/19-9/26/19
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1. Attention tourists! After being shuttered for several years, this American national monument was reopened to the public this week:
Mount Rushmore
Washington Monument
St. Louis Arch
Statue of Liberty
2. New at the multiplex, Sly Stallone dragged tired old John Rambo to the big screen one last time. Last Blood is the ______ Rambo movie:
3. Apparently, you either really liked Brad Pitt's new movie Ad Astra, or you really didn't. What does Ad Astra mean, anyway?
The outer limit
To the stars
The edge of the universe
In space
4. And for one more opening, Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns made it to the big screen. Please remind us on which comedy website the series made its start:
College Humor
Funny or Die
5. Attention movie producers, directors and script writers: He is through dying on screen - so if you have a movie in which he's gonna die, just don't:
Omar Epps
Matthew Lillard
David Arquette
Sean Bean
6. Ready for a new -ish? The ABC series black-ish introduced us to the Johnson family. Spin-off grown-ish focused on daughter Zoe. The Alphabet's new mixed-ish focuses on:
The father Dre
The mother Rainbow
The son Junior
The grandmother Ruby
7. Last spring, his elimination on the series premier of The Masked Singer marked the beginning of the long strange downfall of NFLer Antonio Brown. Let's hope better things lay ahead for the two celeb axed from the fall season premier, who wore costumes resembling:
Tree and ladybug
Butterfly and rottweiler
Skeleton and thingamajig
Egg and ice cream
8. Hopefully, your TV-lovin' friends alerted you that the Emmy awards were held on Sunday night. Cleaning up in the comedy categories was Phoebe Waller-Bridge's brilliant Fleabag, which airs on this outlet:
9. Meanwhile, as the reviled final season of Game of Thrones walked away with best drama series, this cast member also took home an Emmy:
Peter Dinklage
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Sophie Turner
Lena Headey
10. And finally, our semi-regular check on What the Hell is Nicolas Cage Up To reveals that the acting curiosity has signed onto a movie with this one-word animal title:

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