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How Well Do You Know: 9/16/19-9/22/19
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1. Checking the standings after Sunday's NFL action, we see these two divisions have multiple 3-0 teams:
AFC East and NFC West
AFC West and NFC East
AFC South and NFC North
AFC Noth and NFC South
2. Meanwhile, this team is having to adjust to live without its starting quarterback, out for the rest of the season:
The Saints
The Steelers
The Giants
The Vikings
3. Over almost before they began, press conferences with the head coaches of these two teams were cut short when the coach abruptly ended the session after questions they didn't want to ask:
The Broncos and the Patriots
The Panthers and the Bears
The Patriots and the Panthers
The Steelers and the Bears
4. Everyone knows Thursday Night Football sucks, and that everyone includes this signalcaller, tweeting he was turning off Thursday's game because of the ridiculous penalties being called:
Patrick Mahommes
Dak Prescott
Lamar Jackson
Tom Brady
5. A quick check on the NBA, where we see that Michael Jordan, who you remember from history books, sold his minority share of these team, raking in a huge return-on-investment in the process:
The Grizzlies
The Hornets
The Wizards
The Bulls
6. As the MLB season winds down, this father-son team has become just the second in League history to hit for the cycle:
The Biggios
The Bichettes
The Guerreros
The Bellingers
7. We'll end with a run of questions about college football, which turned in an insanely entertaining weekend. Up 28-0 at half, this school became the only FBS team in the last 15 years to start the season with 10 shutout quarters:
8. UCF's streak of regular-season wins came to an unexpected half on Saturday, as the young men from this school shocked the Knights with a last-minute TD pass for a 35-34 win:
Oklahoma State
9. In a wild game for the ages, this school rallied from a 32-point 3rd quarter deficit to shock #10 Washington State:
10. And finally, your Appalachian State Mountaineers chalked up another win vs. a Power Five opponent, blocking these guys' field goal attempt with five seconds to play for a 34-31 win:
South Carolina
North Carolina

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