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How Well Do You Know: 9/13/19-9/19/19
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1. SLW favorite Felicity Huffman became the first parent to be sentenced in the Varsity Blues college bribery scandal. Along with a $30K fine and 250 hours community service, Huffman will be in the big house for:
2 days
2 weeks
2 months
2 years
2. A trio of new movies hit the multiplex this past weekend. First of all, who Runs a Marathon?
3. Next is a curiously poorly review movie based on a best-seller. What type of bird gives the movie its title?
The Raven
The Blue Jay
The Goldfinch
The Hummingbird
4. Failing to knock It Chapter 2 from the top of the box office, but opening to good critical reception nonetheless, was Hustlers. This pair of music stars join Jennifer Lopez in the cast:
Janelle Monae and Cardi B
Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga
Gwen Stefani and Janelle Monae
Cardi B and Lizzo
5. Comedy Central invited him to get roasted. Boy, did he ever get roasted:
Louis CK
Alec Baldwin
Aziz Ansari
Bobcat Goldthwait
6. Hey, look, it's a new series of American Horror Story, with this season's 1984 version a send-up of:
Zombie movies
Slasher films
Haunted house movies
Space disaster movies
7. Hired: Adding some much needed diversity to the late night lineup is Lilly Singh, whose NBC show with this title launched this week:
Lilly Singh Late at Night
A Little Late with Lilly Singh
Much Later with Lilly Singh
Almost Too Late with Lilly Singh
8. Fired: Meanwhile, soon you wont' remember the name Shane Gillis, who, almost immediately upon being hired by this entertainment effort, was fired from the same when past racist comments were made public:
Entertainment Tonight
Dancing With the Stars
Saturday Night Live
9. Replaced: No, Shane Gillis hadn't briefly been cast for Dancing With the Stars, but the new season nevertheless kicked off anyway. In the cast was the daughter of this supermodel, with daughter replacing her mother when the latter became injured a while back:
Christie Brinkley
Tyra Banks
Paulina Porizkova
Elle MacPherson
10. It was Brinkley, not Porizkova, who was to dance on DWTS, but Porizkova had a bit of a week anyway, as her ex-husband, much-admired leader of this rock group, died at age 75:
Def Leppard
Talking Heads
The Cars
The Cure
11. Also RIP Eddie Money, underrated 80s musician who provided some of that decade's best rock songs. Before he sang Take Me Home Tonight and Two Tickets to Paradise, Money had trained as a:
12. The Streaming Sitcom Wars continue unabated, with rights to The Big Bang Theory being awarded to this service for a billion dollars:
Apple TV

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