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How Well Do You Know: 9/9/19-9/15/19
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1. The beginning of the week saw the athletic director of this big-time college sports school up and quit, just like that:
Ohio State
Florida State
2. It was a tournament to forget for the USA, as this country eliminated the States from the Basketball World Cup:
South Korea
South Africa
3. The guys from this country liked the World Cup a whole lot better, as they emerged as champions of the tourney:
4. The week in pro football began with the League wanting to speak with this noted receiver about the very, very, very expensive watch he wore in last Sunday's game:
Tyreek Hill
Odell Beckham Jr
Julio Jones
Julian Edelman
5. Bad news quarterback: He got himself benched indefinitely thanks to being diagnosed with mono:
Joe Flacco
Dak Prescott
Sam Darnold
Philip Rivers
6. Worse news quarterback: Drew Brees' injury to his ________ took the luster off the NFC Championship game rematch and cast worry into the hearts of Saints fans:
7. As had been foretold, the Dodgers won their 7th consecutive NL West title on the opposite coast at this ballpark:
Yankee Stadium
Camden Yards
Fenway Park
Tropicana Field
8. Kids, especially when you're in the middle of the season home run title, don't go and break your knee cap. This object lesson brought to you by:
Jorge Soler
Christian Yelich
Pete Alonso
Cody Bellinger
9. Things got weird for the Astros, who, a day after beating up on these guys by a score of 15-0, gave up a similarly lopsided 21-7 loss to the same team:
Kansas City
10. And finally, the Yanks have a virtual lock on the AL East, but they still managed to give up a 6 run lead and fall 12-11 to this lowly lowly bunch this week:
The Tigers
The Rockies
The Royals
The Marlins

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