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How Well Do You Know: 9/6/19-9/12/19
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1. Coming back: To the delight of millions, s/he remarkably returned to the airwaves after an absence of several months:
Steve Harvey
Alex Trebek
Ellen Degeneres
Wendy Williams
2. Coming in: If you're this American Idol figure of yore, then Monday saw the debut of your brand new television talk show:
Kelly Clarkson
Paula Abdul
Simon Cowell
Carrie Underwood
3. Going out: Meanwhile, this news making rap star of yore has announced his/her retirement from music, citing the desire to have a family:
Sean Combs
Nicki Minaj
Cardi B
4. Our social media accounts were unreasonably overwhelmed with notices of this singer posting unretouched bikini photos of herself, embracing her appearance as it naturally is:
Demi Lovato
Camilla Cabello
5. Attention, moviewatchers: Firmly on your radar should be affixed on your radar, as it just won the Golden Lion at this international city's film festival:
Monte Carlo
6. HGTV aired a special show dedicated to the makeover given to the iconic house featured on which classic sitcom?
Leave It to Beaver
The Facts of Life
The Brady Bunch
The Jeffersons
7. IT Chapter 2 scarred up $90 million in its North American debut weekend. The film stars each of the following as adult versions of the kids portrayed in Chapter 1, except for:
Jessica Chastain
Bill Hader
James McAvoy
Alexander Skarsgard
8. Swifties around the world were angered and confused when this alt rock band's first album in 13 years knocked Taylor Swift's Lover off the top of the Billboard album charts:
Dream Theater
The Killers
9. And anticipation of the release of Apple TV keeps building, with this week's debut trailer for ________ starring Game of Thrones actor _________:
Look / Emilia Clarke
Listen / Sophie Turner
See / Jason Momoa
Hear / Peter Dinklage
10. And if you're a fan of righteously bitchin' music, then you're jonesing on the news that the reissue of this classic album will include a whopping 35 unreleased tracks:
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Listen Without Prejudice
Like a Virgin

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