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How Well Do You Know: 8/26/19-9/1/19
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1. Who had a good weekend? Justin Verlander had a good weekend. The Astros' ace recorded a no-hitter against this team:
The Orioles
The Marlins
The Rays
The Blue Jays
2. What made Verlander's third career no-hitter extra special was:
He threw it on his birthday
He faced the minimum
He no-hit the Jays for the second time in their building
He recorded all ground-ball outs
3. Meanwhile, this teams 3rd baseman became the first ever at that position with 30 homers and 100 ribbies in 5 consecutive seasons:
The Rockies
The Giants
The Reds
The Red Sox
4. Meanwhile, this gang set the all-time home-runs-on-the-road record:
The Dodgers
The Yankees
The Cubs
The Twins
5. Genius sports comedy fans everywhere were saddened at the farewell bade by Twitter parody account _________ Andrew Luck:
6. Over in the NFL, the Texans traded defensive stalwart Jadeveon Clowney to these guys:
The Rams
The Seahawks
The Falcons
The Broncos
7. College football returned in full. Thursday night saw defending champion Clemson lay a fustigation upon the gridiron gang from:
The Citadel
West Virginia
Georgia Tech
8. Michigan State's 28-7 victory over this school didn't seem that remarkable, until you consider Sparty held the opponent to -73 yards rushing:
Colorado State
Kansas State
9. And this QB got his season off with a bang, accounting for 6 touchdowns in his team's easy breezy win:
Jalen Hurts
Tua Tagovailoa
Kelly Bryant
Trevor Lawrence
10. Finally, an entertaining first week of the US Open was marred by this contender's withdrawal due to should injury on Sunday:
Naomi Osaka
Serena Williams
Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer

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