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How Well Do You Know: 8/23/19-8/29/19
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1. Leading things off, we briefly consider the tempest kicked up when this famous woman was instagrammed in a store wearing a low-cut jumper sans bra:
Chrissy Teigen
Anne Hathaway
Scarlett Johansson
Mila Kunis
2. Moving on to viral videos, people were perplexed at a video that left watchers wondering which of these two animals they were seeing:
Polar bear or grizzly bear
Hummingbird or butterfly
Armadillo or crocodile
Rabbit or raven
3. Next up is this woman who, because contractual issues we still don't understand, is looking to re-record and re-release her entire catalog:
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift
4. Because, why not?, the MTV VMAs aired this week. We were generally meh about the event, though we strongly approved of this winner of the Vanguard award:
Shania Twain
Missy Elliot
Tom Petty
Sean Combs
5. This week, did you get your fist look of this actress as Curella de Vil in the live-action 101 Dalmatians? Well, did ya?
Jessica Chastain
Blake Lively
Dove Cameron
Emma Stone
6. New at the cinema was a dark comedy/horror that featured in as its title a refrain from this children's game:
Red Rover
Freeze tag
Marco Polo
7. SNL, coming (back): The early slate of SNL's fall shows was released, featuring this early SNL star returning to guest host:
Bill Murray
Chevy Chase
Dan Aykroyd
Eddie Murphy
8. SNL, going: Meanwhile, ahead of season #45, this SNL mainstay-of-late announced s/he will be leaving the show:
Keenan Thompson
Leslie Jones
Kate McKinnon
Michael Che
9. Starting up on Showtime is Kirsten Dunst as Krystal Stubbs in "On Becoming a God in _________":
Greater Boston
The Upper Peninsula
West Texas
Central Florida
10. And finally, a new look at The Rise of Skywalker featured darker images of Rey, who holds an lightsaber that is unique because of its:
Blade configuration

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