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How Well Do You Know: 8/12/19-8/18/19
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1. Great pitching: The Rays put together a 1-0, 13 inning game, in which their pitchers struck out this number of hitters - while walking none:
2. Great hitting: This Red Sox player became the first in MLB history to belt out six hits including four doubles on Tuesday against Cleveland:
Rafael Devers
Mookie Betts
JD Martinez
Brock Holt
3. Great hitting, part 2: Meanwhile, this Yankee entered the books, knocking his 13th homer out of the park against the O's on Monday - a record for dingers by one player against one team:
Brett Gardner
Aaron Judge
Didi Gregorius
Gleyber Torres
4. Great drama: A certain Game of the Year candidate saw the Natinals and Brewers go back and forth and back and forth in a 14 inning slugfest Saturday, which saw ______ runs and _____ hits:
29 / 31
25 / 25
19 / 38
20 / 45
5. In its infinite wisdom, the NCAA decided to nix the so called Rich Paul rule, which would have required players' agents to:
Pass an ethics exam
Have professionally played the sport of the player they represent
Have a clean criminal record
Have a bachelor's degree
6. Believe it or not, a big time sport university you have definitely heard of, this week tried to trademark the word:
7. Meanwhile, this hip hop star caught many off guard when he decided to enter into a partnership with the NFL:
Jay Z
Kendrick Lamar
8. This big man went down hard, likely ending his season before it started, thanks to a torn ACL:
Marcin Gortat
Nikola Jokic
Brook Lopez
Boogie Cousins
9. In further Tales from the Association, the owner of this up-and-down franchise agreed to see his team:
The Heat
The Nets
The Blazers
The Thunder
10. In this week's Near Miss file, we read that this former NASCAR great barely escaped with his life as he and his wife were able to walk away after the plane on which they rode crashed:
Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Kasey Kahne
Darrell Waltrip

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