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How Well Do You Know: 8/5/19-8/11/19
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1. It was quite the week for the Orioles. Good news: This O hit for the cycle. Bad news: It was done in a loss to the Yankees.
Chris Davis
Mark Trumbo
Pedro Severino
Jonathan Villar
2. Later in the week, Saturday's game against the Astros was a complete fustigation. What was the final score by which the Orioles lost?
3. What was notable about the Orioles' win the following game on Sunday?
A pitcher supplied the game-winning RBI
It was Baltimore's first win in 20 games
Statistically, it was the biggest upset ever recorded
The O's won despite getting a hit
4. Elsewhere in MLB, this team turned their second triple play in less than three weeks:
The Twins
The Marlins
The Giants
The Padres
5. Young Bo Bichette set an MLB mark by doing this in 9 straight games:
Hitting a double
Hitting a home run
Committing an error
Hitting into a double play
6. And you'll want to have a catch with your dad next August, when this team will play host to the Yankees at a game played at the Field of Dreams in Iowa:
The Red Sox
The White Sox
The Brewers
The Tigers
7. Simone Biles for President! At the US Gymnastics Championship, Biles won gold in each of the following events, except for which?
Balance beam
Uneven bars
8. Rasslin' fans probably already know that this pair appear on the cover of WWE 2K20:
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch
Seth Rollins and Bayley
Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch
Roman Reigns and Bayley
9. The NFL turned into All Antonio Brown All the Time. The Masked Singer veteran has threatened to quit the sport over this piece of equipment:
Shoulder pads
Thigh pads
10. And the Premier League celebrated its opening weekend - no team more so that this club, which picked up right where it left off with a 5-0 shellacking of West Ham:
Manchester City

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