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How Well Do You Know: 7/29/19-8/4/19
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1. One week was long enough for this NFL team to decide that it never, ever, ever wanted to work with its offensive line coach again:
The Bills
The Dolphins
The Texans
The Raiders
2. Also leaving a job - voluntarily, this time - is this US national team coach:
Men's soccer
Women's soccer
Men's basketball
Women's basketball
3. Papa Bichette was on hand to see his baby Bo Bichette record a hit in his first MLB at-bat Monday, as the Blue Jays faced the:
4. Mercurial Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer was sent to his room to think about what he's done, in the form of a trade to:
The White Sox
5. This week's donnybrook between Cleveland and Cincinnati was sparked when this Reds pitcher got mad as hell and charged the opposition dugout:
Sonny Gray
David Hernandez
Amir Garrett
Luis Castillo
6. Break out your countin' fingers and tell us the total number of games the figures in the Cincinnati-Cleveland dust-up amounts to:
7. Meanwhile, while the OPJ staff still doesn't get the big deal about Zach Greinke, we're clearly in the minority, as he was one of the significant trade deadline deals, dealt to this club:
The Yankees
The Cubs
The Braves
The Astros
8. Greinke's new team, the Astros, isn't exactly hard up for pitching. Consider that four of their pitchers combined to throw a no hitter against these guys over the weekend:
The Mariners
The White Sox
The Blue Jays
The Orioles
9. Meanwhile, we are positive for pro football. The preseason kicked off with a contest between teams from these two divisions:
AFC South and NFC East
AFC West and NFC South
AFC East and NFC North
AFC North and NFC West
10. And thanks to his brand spanking new $100 million deal this week, the League's highest paid receiver will play this season for:
The Patriots
The Falcons
The Saints
The Seahawks

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