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How Well Do You Know: 7/26/19-8/1/19
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1. Concert That Wasn't: The 50th anniversary of Woodstock was a no-go from the start. Weeks before its scheduled date, the concert relocated from Upstate New York to this smaller state - just days before the event was cancelled all together:
Rhode Island
South Carolina
2. Concert That Wasn't, Part 2: Threats against this rapper were deemed sufficient enough to cancel his/her scheduled Indianapolis show:
Post Malone
Kendrick Lamar
Nicki Minaj
Cardi B
3. Concert That Was: Now in its 95th year, Lollapalooza treated fans to a few days of music and merriment, once again setting up shop in this city:
St. Louis
4. RIP to this movie locker system, shutting down on July 31:
5. What's on TV? Shark Week, that's what. Fans of the beasts of the deep enjoyed the yearly barrage of programming - provided they could find this network on their TV dials:
Animal Planet
Discovery Channel
6. What else is on TV? The Boys, that's what. Amazon Prime Video offered up season 1 of the series, in which the title characters battle:
7. Needing yet another viewing option? How's about Hulu's series updating this British rom-com:
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Notting Hill
Love Actually
About a Boy
8. Meanwhile, over on ye olde Netflix, this Avengers actor starred in the new thriller film Red Sea Diving Resort:
Chris Pratt
Chris Evans
Samuel L. Jackson
Chris Hemsworth
9. RIP Russi Taylor, the voice actress who provided the voice to Martin Prince on the Simpsons as well as this beloved animated movie female:
Jessica Rabbit
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Daisy Duck
Minnie Mouse
10. Looking to steal some of Disney's Orlando thunder, Universal is developing a new theme park with rides related to Nintendo, DreamWorks movies and Harry Potter. The name of the park will be:
Universal Excitement
Epic Universe
Entertainment Universe
Universal Thrill

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