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How Well Do You Know: 7/22/19-7/28/19
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1. In the world, there are many countries - including this one, home to your 2019 Tour de France winner:
2. NFL fans won't have Mark Sanchez to kick around anymore, as the notorious signalcaller hung up his cleats in favor of his next career as:
ESPN analyst
FS1 analyst
Real estate agent
Pop Warner football coach
3. Now we consider modes of transportation, and the methods by which NFLers arrived to training camp. The always understated Antonio Brown showed up at Raiders camp via:
Pogo stick
Hot air balloon
4. Not to be outdone, Tarik Cohen rolled up to Bears's camp in a car decked out to resemble:
The Back to the Future DeLoean
The Batmobile
The Mystery Machine
Herbie the Love Bug
5. In baseball, Tuesday saw this shortstop hit for the cycle against the Rockies - not the first time he's cycled against the Rox:
Carlos Correa
Javier Baez
Corey Seager
Trea Turner
6. Meanwhile, fellow shortstop Troy Tulowitzki hung 'em up. This was the last team the former Colorado great played for:
The Astros
The Blue Jays
The Yankees
The Mets
7. A name went into the record books this week, as, for the first time ever, position player Stevie Wilkerson, who suits up for this organization, recorded a save:
The O's
The A's
The Cards
The Rangers
8. And we're starting to think that Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer might just be a leeeeeeetle mal-adjusted, as Sunday, when he was being removed from the game, he hurled a baseball:
Into the press box
Over the outfield wall
Into his own team's dugout
Into his opponent's dugout
9. The Red Sox, while still a bunch of games back of the Yankees, took 3 out of 4 this weekend, including Thursday's series opener, which Boston won by this lopsided score:
10. And if you're not familiar with the name Caleb Dressel yet, then get on it - the US swimming sensation became the first athlete to earn 8 medals at a World Championship, with this year's contest held in which country?
South Korea

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