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How Well Do You Know: 7/19/19-7/25/19
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1. Let's start this week with an RIP. Passing on at age 75, like tears in rain, was actor Rutger Hauer - perhaps best known as Roy Batty in this sci-fi classic:
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Fly
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Blade Runner
2. Marshmallows everywhere delighted in the release of Veronica Mars, Season 4, which was released by this outlet:
Amazon Prime
3. Did this week have some notable music news? You betcha. Old Town Road continues unabated, tying a record with its 16th week at #1 on the Billboard chart. OTR matches the feat accomplished by Despacito, and earlier by a duet featuring this female singer:
Whitney Houston
Kelly Clarkson
Gloria Estafan
Mariah Carey
4. Meanwhile, MTV's VMAs - which are, in an upset, still a thing - announced nominations this week. At the top of the pack are Taylor Swift and this other woman, each with 10 noms:
Camila Cabello
Ariana Grande
Cardi B
5. Now for some questions from downtown MovieTriviaLand. Please estimate the North American opening weekend box office for Disney's The Lion King:
Just under $250 million
Just over $200 million
Just under $200 million
Just over $150 million
6. This horror movie franchise announced two more follow-ups, scarefests with "Kills" in its 2020 release, and "Ends" in 2021:
Child's Play
The Purge
A Nightmare on Elm Street
7. And much, much, much more heartwarming than a horror movie is the trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, an Oscar-winning-actor-starring film about this TV personality of old:
Walter Cronkite
Phil Donahue
Bob Ross
Fred Rogers
8. Marvel continued its 2019 victory lap during SDCC, at which it announced this recent Oscar winner will star in a version of one of its comic-to-screen properties:
Rami Malek
Eddie Redmayne
Mahershala Ali
Jared Leto
9. MCU mastermind Kevin Feige laid out the films to start Phase 4 of the franchise, noting that the next title in the _______ series will be "the first scary MCU film":
Black Panther
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain Marvel
Doctor Strange
10. And we'll close with news of the Kennedy Center Honors, which announced this week that this children's show will be the first TV program to receive the award:
Reading Rainbow
Sesame Street
The Muppet Show
Electric Company

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