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How Well Do You Know: 6/28/19-7/4/19
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1. Social media was all clogged up with a viral challenge featuring this beverage-related item:
Tea cozy
Bottle cap
Bendy straw
2. New at the theaters was a Danny Boyle film which put the music of this classic rock act front and center:
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
The Who
Led Zeppelin
3. And debuting at a cineplex close to your house was Spider-Man: Far From Home. Add up the number of feature films that have had Spider-Man in the title since Sam Raimi's 2002 flick, and you get:
4. The trailer for the next Jumanji movie debuted this week. The SLW watched the trailer with smoldering intensity, and learned that the subtitle is:
Single-player Only
Download Complete
The Next Level
Game Over
5. And speaking of follow-ups, Perez Hilton, who we had completely forgotten exists, somehow figures into "New Beginnings," the new version of this MTV reality show of yore:
The Real World
The Hills
Teen Mom
Laguna Beach
6. Speaking of trivial figures worming their way into news, something called Scooter Braun has for some reason been getting all up in the business of this star, setting off all kinds of noise concerning his/her catalog:
Justin Timberlake
Same Smith
Demi Lovato
Taylor Swift
7. Happy wedding to this American Idol alum, who tweeted his/her marriage to an established, much molder music figure this week:
Katherine McPhee
Clay Aiken
Kelly Clarkson
Kellie Pickler
8. And people from all walks of life were suddenly interested in developments taking place in this US state, the setting of Netflix's Stranger Things, which had its third-and-final season debut on the 4th of July:
North Dakota
9. As Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 4 is enjoying moderate success in theaters, the studio cut a questionable casting-couch post-credit scene from this earlier film:
Monster's University
Finding Dory
Toy Story 2
A Bug's Life
10. And Disney made further news this week with its casting of Ariel for its upcoming live-action Little Mermaid film. We supposed many will take issue with the fact that the actress cast is:
The daughter of the film's director
The daughter of the original voice actress

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