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How Well Do You Know: 6/14/19-6/20/19
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1. ABC's summer of fun and games continued this week with the premiere of a game show based on this outdoor form of entertainment:
Water slides
Mini golf
2. Among the various films that have tanked at the box office was last week's debut, which shares its name with this type of television program:
Late Night
Public Access
Talk Show
Reality TV
3. Disney Alumnae, Part 1: This former Disney channel star takes a decidedly more grown-up role in HBO's Euphoria:
Hilary Duff
Bella Thorne
Selena Gomez
4. Disney Alumnae, Part 2: Meanwhile, this of the four mentioned actresses fought back against a hacker by posting nudes of herself online, which earned the scorn of The View's Whoopi Goldberg:
Hilary Duff
Bella Thorne
Selena Gomez
5. RIP Gloria Vanderbilt - pop culture icon, style maven, jeans designer and mother to:
George Clooney
Alec Baldwin
George Stephanopoulos
Anderson Cooper
6. Upcoming Movies, Part 1: Start your countdown clock for Summer 2020, when Disney will release its forthcoming film titled:
7. Upcoming Movies, Part 2: And Stephen King aficionados had their interest piqued at this week's new trailer for Dr. Sleep, an update to this one of King's classics:
The Dead Zone
The Stand
The Shining
8. Trying to get his finger into as many pop culture pies as he can, J.J. Abrams will be teaming with his son to write a comic for this long-running character:
Wonder Woman
9. Something to Feel Bad About: The living organism believe to have inspired this beloved Dr. Seuss creation has died:
The Lorax
Fox in Socks
The Cat in the Hat
Horton Hears a Who
10. Something to Feel Good About: It may never happen, but we smile to think about Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage teaming up for a remake of this 80s buddy film - Momoa said he'd be excited for the chance:
49 Hours
Lethal Weapon
Tango and Cash

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