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How Well Do You Know: 5/31/19-6/6/19
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1. First names first: It's the first name of the contestant who suddenly dethroned James Holzhauer and ended the Jeopardy uber-champ's run:
2. Holzhauer's startling loss came on the same game in which he was poised to:
Set the record for games won
Set the record for money earned
Set the money earned and games won record
Announce his voluntary retirement
3. Speaking of records, he/she/they furthered a record by winning a 20th CMT Award this week:
Darrius Rucker
Alan Jackson
Florida-Georgia Line
Carrie Underwood
4. Book-to-TV, Part 1: One of the two page-to-screen projects for the week is NOS4a2 (sound it out), AMC's miniseries based on a novel written by the son of which popular writer?
Stephen King
Clive Cussler
James Patterson
Dan Brown
5. Book-to-TV, Part 2: Meanwhile, Amazon debuted its miniseries Good Omens, the lead characters of which are:
Gang members
An angel and a demon
A cat and a dog
A lawyer and a doctor
6. This week brought the feverishly-anticipated debut of a brand new Star Wars land at which Disney theme park(s)?\
Both Disneyland and DisneyWorld
Neither, so forget we said anything
7. Roughly 30 years after its final episode aired, HBO resuscitated its Deadwood franchise for one final movie. This western US state, which you may have heard of, is the setting of both the series and the film:
South Dakota
8. No one on the SLW staff is worth a billion dollars. In this specific way, we are each unlike this music impresario, who this week became rap's first billionaire:
Dr. Dre
Jay Z
Kendrick Lamar
9. Delivery sweet monster action but a bad, bad script, Godzilla: King of the Monsters opened to just OK numbers, as it treated audiences to Godzilla facing off against:
All of the above
10. And finally, also open at the multiplex was Rocketman, the Elton John biopic which saw Reginald Dwight played by the same actor which portrayed which other real-life figure?
Alan Turing
Eddie Edwards
Neil Armstrong
Jordan Belfort

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