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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S08E06, The Iron Throne
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1. Who accompanies Tyrion as he goes to search the castle ruins and see if Jaime and Cersei escaped?
Grey Worm
Jon Snow
No one
By way of explanation.....
Jon offers to send men with him, but Tyrion insists on going alone.
2. When Jon asks Grey Wolf what his queen has commanded of him, what is the Unsullied's answer?
"Assemble my Small Council."
"Destroy the Iron Throne."
"Kill all who follow Cersei Lannister."
3. Daenerys says that the Dothraki did all of the following for her except...
Burned all the infidels
Gave her the Seven Kingdoms
Killed her enemies in their iron suits
Tore down the stone houses of her enemies
By way of explanation.....
Honestly, she handled most of the burning
4. Daenerys rewards Grey Worm for his loyalty and fierceness during battle. What title does she give him?
Hand of the Queen
Master of War
Vice Regent
5. As she speaks to the Unsullied, Daenerys says that they will not lay down their spears until...
The North bends the knee
They have captured Meereen
They have killed anyone who is loyal to Cersei
They have liberated all the people of the world.
6. Daenerys closes out her victory speech to her army by asking the following question:
How much gold do you want?
How will you pay tribute?
Where shall we go next?
Will you break the wheel with me?
7. After Daenerys berates him for freeing his brother and committing treason, Tyrion reminds her that...
Cersei rang the bells and surrendered
He's not as bloodthirsty as she is
Daenerys slaughtered a city
Daenerys also killed a child, as Cersei was expecting
8. What does Arya say to Jon about Daenerys?
"Her hair isn't really silver."
"I know a killer when I see one."
"She claims to do it for mercy, but she's merciless."
"The Lord of Light will come for her."
9. What's the first thing Tyrion asks when Jon comes to visit the dwarf in his cell?
Did you bring any wine?
Have you found my crossbow?
Is Bronn still alive?
What will you do?
By way of explanation.....
He drinks and he knows things.
10. When Tyrion asks if there is life after death, what is Jon's answer?
Depends whether you know a Red Witch.
For those who seek it.
Not that I've seen.
Only for followers of R'hllor
11. "Our queen's nature is..."
Fire and blood
Fire and ice
To fight and keep fighting
12. When Jon is defending Dany's actions at King's Landing, Tyrion asks him one simple question. What is it?
Are you going to stay with her?
How many people have to die before you acknowledge she's mad?
Were her intentions pure?
Would you have done it?
By way of explanation.....
Jon, more Stark than Targaryen, has no good argument.
13. Tyrion tells Jon, "Love is more powerful..."
Than fighting
Than loyalty
Than reason
Than the crown
14. Who coined the phrase "Love is the death of duty?"
Aemon Targaryen
Lyanna Stark
Ned Stark
Samwell Tarly
15. Who does Tyrion bring up in his final appeal to Jon to "do the right thing?"
Arya and Sansa
Varys and Littlefinger
16. What did Dany's brother tell her the Iron Throne was made of?
1000 swords from Aegon's fallen enemies
Dragon fire
Priceless Valyrian steel
The bones of their opposition
17. How does Dany know that the world she envisions will be good?
Because the Lannister threat will be extinguished at last.
Because it was foretold
Because she knows what is good.
Because she will be queen with Jon Snow as her king.
By way of explanation.....
It's a tautology.
18. What are Jon's final words to Dany?
I don't know what's good anymore.
Who really decides what is good and just?
You are my queen. Now and always.
You're just like your father.
19. What does Drogon burn after realizing his "mother" is dead?
The Iron Throne
Jon Snow
The remainder of King's Landing
20. All of the following people are sitting in judgment of Tyrion and Jon Snow except...
Edmure Tully
Robin Arryn
Yara Greyjoy
21. Who is the first person to speak up after Tyrion and Grey Worm tell the leaders of the houses to choose their king?
Gendry Baratheon
Edmure Tully
Robin Arryn
Yara Greyjoy
By way of explanation.....
Sansa shuts her uncle down right quick.
22. What suggestion does Sam make?
Jon Snow
Tyrion Lannister
By way of explanation.....
He's laughed out of the room, or would have been if they had been in a room.
23. Who suggests Bran the Broken as King of Westeros?
24. When Tyrion asks Bran if he will take the crown and become King of Westeros, what is Bran's response?
It is as a foresaw it.
Not today.
What is dead may never die.
Why do you think I came all this way?
25. All of the Lords and Ladies of the great houses affirm Bran as their king except...
By way of explanation.....
Sansa declares that the North will remain independent, as it had been in the past. Bran agrees.
26. How does Bran punish Tyrion for the dwarf's treason to Daenerys?
He gives him to the Unsullied
He makes Tyrion Hand of the King
He says that his cousin Robin can throw him out the moon door
He tells him to marry Sansa
27. How does Bran resolve the dispute between the Unsullied and the Northmen regarding Jon Snow?
He gives him to Drogon
He makes him a Maester
He sends him back to the Night's Watch
He sends him across the Narrow Sea
28. Where do Grey Worm and the other Unsullied go?
29. Where does Arya go?
Storm's End
The Wall
West of Westeros
30. What are the final words Brienne writes about Ser Jaime Lannister?
"Died protecting his Queen."
"Fought bravely against the Night King."
"Traitor to the Targaryen family."
"Was well loved."
31. All of the following people are on Bran's Small Council except...
By way of explanation.....
Poor old Edmure. At least he lived through the Red Wedding.
32. Who does Sam credit with the writing of "A Song of Ice and Fire?"
Archmaester Ebros
George RR Martin
John Arryn
33. What is Bronn's position on the Small Council?
General Mercenary
Master of Coin
Master of Laws
Master of War
34. Who is there to greet Jon when he arrives at the Wall?
Edd's brother
35. Jon smiles when he encounters another old friend at the Wall. Who is it?

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