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How Well Do You Know: 5/6/19-5/12/19
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1. Let's start in The Association, where the Lakers' long, strange journey to find themselves a new head coach resulted them in choosing a guy who you pretend you've heard of, Frank Vogel, most recently an assistant with this bunch:
2. Add up the seeds that make up this year's NBA Conference Finals, and you'll get this number
3. And those matchups will mean it will be brother vs brother, as two sons from this family will face off in a Conference Finals series:
4. A man took a shot to win the game. That shot hit the rim one, two, three, four times before finally dropping in. This was that man:
Marc Gasol
Kawhi Leonard
Kyle Lowry
Danny Green
5. After a historically awful Kentucky Derby, the upcoming Preakness could at least hope for a rematch of declared winner Country House and Maximum Security. Which of the two will make the trip to Baltimore?
Both will
Country House will, Maximum Security will not
Maximum security will, Country House will not
Neither will
6. And now, we veer wildly to our once-a-year Soccer Report, where we find an incredibly unlikely series of events leading to these two teams matched up in the Champions League Final:
Liverpool and Tottenham
Barcelona and Tottenham
Liverpool and Ajax
Barcelona and Ajax
7. Meanwhile, these guys won the tightly contested Premiere League championship on the final day of the season Sunday:
Manchester City
8. A pitcher who throws for this club tossed his second career no-hitter during the week:
9. In our weekly Gruesome Track and Field Injury report, a Georgia sprinter had a bad, bad run-in with this type of athletic equipment:
A hurdle
A javelin
A hammer
A discuss
10. And finally, this USWNT standout is one of three cover models for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition:
Megan Rapinoe
Julie Ertz
Carli Lloyd
Alex Morgan

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