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How Well Do You Know: 4/19/19-4/25/19
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1. Opening meh-ly with critics but decently at the box office was The Curse of La Llorana. Break out your horror franchise countin' fingers, 'cause we're asking you what number in the Conjuring franchise this was:
2. In Important Marriage News, Simon Konecki is getting divorced. If this doesn't grab you, it might when you factor in that his soon-to-be-ex-wife is none other than:
Miley Cyrus
Celine Dion
3. And in Important Coachella News, this singer attempted to throw an Easter-ish service Sunday morning at the festival:
Justin Bieber
Chris Brown
Snoop Dogg
Kanye West
4. "All is well," this celeb announced in Instagram, trying to quell theories that she is being held in rehab against her will:
Lindsay Lohan
Courtney Love
Britney Spears
Tina Fey
5. Supercontestant James Holzhauer has certainly catapulted Jeopardy back into the limelight. This week, Jeopardy James made news when he:
Went five games without getting a question wrong
Retired without being defeated
Passed the $1 million mark in winnings
Announced a run for US congress
6. On the Pop Culture Crime Blotter, we read that police are investigating the spouse of this daytime host's spouse of attempting to poison him/her:
Wendy Williams
Elen Degeneres
Dr. Phil
Tyra Banks
7. K-pop behemoth BTS continues as an unstoppable force, achieving their third #1 album in a year. The last act that recorded this feat was a little band called:
The Beatles
The Bee-Gees
Van Halen
8. TV, Going: This week saw the finale of Fox's Gotham. Name the actor that has played Bruce Wayne for the past several seasons:
Ben McKenzie
Robin Lord Taylor
Sean Pertwee
David Mazouz
9. TV, Returning: Meanwhile, YouTube brought back the second season of one of its signature series - in the case, the one that was a spin-off of this 1980s cinematic favorites:
The Karate Kid
10. And for its upcoming Movie Awards, MTV chose as host the actor/actress behind this big-screen superhero:
Wonder Woman
Captain Marvel

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