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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S08E01: Winterfell
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Arya will never be this nice to anyone again.

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1. In an opening scene that parallels the royal procession in the very first episode of the show, Arya sees all of the following arrive at Winterfell except...
Jaqen H'ghar
The Hound
Jon Snow
By way of explanation.....
And she has smiles for some, and frowns for others.
2. Why does Tyrion tell Varys that he takes great pleasure at telling eunuch jokes?
Because he has balls, and Varys does not
Because it gets under Grey Worm's skin
Because Theon got exactly what he deserves
Trick question: Tyrion doesn't enjoy eunuch jokes at all.
By way of explanation.....
Of course Tyrion enjoys eunuch jokes.
3. Who is the first family member Jon Snow sees after he passes through the gates of Winterfell?
Sam Tarly
4. How does Bran respond to his brother when Jon says, "You're a man now!"
Only half the man you are.
By way of explanation.....
(Double meaning all over the place.)
5. Bran doesn't waste time. He tells Jon and Daenerys all of the following except:
The dead are walking south
Jon is really Aegon Targaryen, rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms
The Night King has Daenerys's dragon
The Wall has fallen
6. What do dragons eat, anyway?
Bad guys
Goats, sheep, cows - basically all of the livestock
Whatever they want.
7. Sansa tells Tyrion, "I used to think..."
"A Lannister pays his debts."
"There was nothing more important than being a Lannister."
"We would both escape King's Landing unscathed."
"You were the cleverest man alive."
8. After Jon complains that Sansa thinks she's smarter than everyone else, Arya replies...
"And she's better at needlework, too."
"Ask Littlefinger how smart she is."
"She's the smartest person I've ever met."
"That's our mother's fault."
9. When Qyburn tells Cersei that the dead have broken down the wall, how does she respond?
"Hurry and send troops to Winterfell, then!"
"They'll never get this far south anyway."
10. Of all the things Cersei could be disappointed about, she's most disappointed in...
Euron's lovemaking
Jaime's betrayal
The lack of elephants in the Golden Company
Qyburn's inability to bring the White Walker back to life
11. Cersei will give Bronn a LOT of gold if he will only...
Find a way to get Euron out of town
Get her some damned elephants
Kill the dragons
Kill Jaime and Tyrion
By way of explanation.....
That f*cking family.
12. What's the first thing Yara does after Theon unties her?
Headbutts him
Hugs him
The "Lannister" greeting
Shakes his hand
13. Varys says that young people don't like to be reminded that...
Death is imminent.
Nothing lasts.
They'll be old too one day.
Winter is coming.
14. The Hound tells Gendry that only _______ and ___________ make weapons for wildlings.
Bastards and beards
Cripples and cocksuckers
Traitors and tired people
Weaklings and wastrels
15. Sam Tarly finds out that his father and brother are dead from...
Bran. Bran is telling everyone everything.
Jon Snow
The person who executed them
16. When Sam asks Bran what he's doing outside, Bran replies...
Communicating with the trees.
No one thought to wheel me inside.
Seeing things.
Waiting... for an old friend.
17. Why must Sam be the one to tell Jon the truth about his parents?
Bran doesn't have enough humanity to deliver the message.
Bran has to go to the Wall.
Jon trusts Sam more than anyone.
Sam is the only one who knows.
By way of explanation.....
Also, Bran is *not* Jon's brother.
18. Jon finds out that his real name is...
Aegon Targaryen
Hot Pie
Jon Stark
Jon Umber
19. Hooray! Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion are still alive somehow. Who do they run into in the general vicinity of the Wall?
Dolorous Edd
Lord Karstark
The Night King
20. Shockingly, only one person whose name we know dies during "Winterfell." Who is it?
Hot Pie
Lyanna Mormont
Ned Umber
Rickon Tarly
By way of explanation.....
More art.
21. Who is the "friend" Bran was waiting for?
Jaime Lannister
Jorah Mormont
Meera Reed
Tyrion Lannister
By way of explanation.....

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