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How Well Do You Know: 3/4/19-3/10/19
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1. Antonio Brown's drawn-out divorce from the Steelers was finally finalized this week, when Pittsburgh sent Brown, in exchange for draft picks and a few magic beans, to:
The Broncos
The Bills
The Raiders
The Titans
2. In other NFL wackiness, a year after Denver acquired Case Keenum, the Broncos sent the signalcaller to:
3. And this pass-rushing great was released by his team, which sent the defender packing rather than forking over the $15 million he was due this season:
Justin Houston
JJ Watt
Von Miller
Vic Beasley
4. Hanging 'em up is Jim Delaney, the commissioner who turned this conference a national goliath, as head rides off into the retirement sunset:
Big 10
Pac 12
5. Wrestling fans bade a sad farewell to this villain of yore, who died at age 61:
Cowboy Bob Orton
King Kong Bundy
The Iron Shiek
Classy Freddie Blassie
6. In collegebasketball land, one of collegiate sports' great streaks ended this week, with Kansas not winning the regular season Big 12 title for the first time in this many yea
7. Jessica Mendoza, who you may know for her broadcast work covering baseball for ESPN, has taken a front office job with this organization - though she'll still work for the Worldwide Leader:
The Mets
The Natinals
The Phillies
The Red Sox
8. Scandal has rocked this SEC school, whose basketball head coach was suspended after being caught on wiretap discussing payments for a player:
Mississippi State
9. With March Madness approaching, this school qualified for its first ever NCAA tournament by winning their conference tourney this year:
Murray State
10. And finally, we check on the "Futile Four," the schools that have been eligible for every NCAA tournament but never made the big dance. Which of the following qualified for the NCAA's this year?
The Citadel
William and Mary
None of the Futile Four will be dancing this year

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