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How Well Do You Know: 1/28/19-2/3/19
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1. Let's start with Tales from the Association, where this highly-coveted NBA big man told his current team that he wants out:
Anthony Davis
DeMarcus Cousins
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Karl-Anthony Towns
2. Meanwhile, the Unicorn is on the movie, as the Knicks decided Kristaps Porzingis was too good for them, and sent him to this Western Confernce team:
The Blazers
The Mavs
The Rockets
The Bucks
3. And the Nuggets continue riding high, even overcoming a 25 point deficit to prevail Monday night against the:
4. In college basketball, NC State was nearly perfect in its futility, tallying merely this number of points Saturday against Virginia Tech:
5. On the women's side, #2 UConn and #3 Louisville starred in a marquee matchup, with the result being:
A UConn win at home
A UConn win on the road
A Louisville win at home
A Louisville win on the road
6. This Olympian's body has finally gave out, leading said Olympian to announce that the upcoming World Championship will mark the beginning of his/her retirement:
Michael Phelps
Usain Bolt
Mikaela Shiffrin
Lindsey Vonn
7. Break out your shocked face. He is your NFL MVP:
Drew Brees
Todd Gurley
Patrick Mahomes
Aaron Donald
8. Joining Champ Bailey, Brian Urlacher, Ed Reed, Ty Law and others, this team's long-time owner was named to to the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday night:
San Francisco
9. Break out your Record Low Super Bowl combined Points countin' fingers. The Pats and Rams together accounted for this many points in Sunday's big game:
10. He's your Super Bowl LIII MVP:
Tom Brady
Julian Edelman
Stephen Gostkowski
Rob Gronkowski

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