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How Well Do You Know: 1/25/19-1/31/19
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1. What's your favorite color? If it's this hue, your preferences match up with the name of an album of cover songs released this week.
2. In the Toys-to-Movie file, we read that this recent fad will be heading to the big screen, as it is getting its own feature film treatment:
Fidget spinners
Funko Pops!
3. If you've been building your video library for the last few years in this digital locker, the announcement that the service is shutting down doesn't mean that you'll lose all your movies and shows:
Amazon Prime
Movies Anywhere
4. If you recently got a tattoo you meant to say "7 Rings" in Japanese, but which instead meant "BBQ grill", you have a surprising amount in common with this singer:
Ariana Grande
Christina Aguilera
Cardi B
5. Meanwhile, this of the aforementioned ladies was the latest star to announce that she will start a Las Vegas residency in May:
Ariana Grande
Christina Aguilera
Cardi B
6. And working with the same list of women, as the US government exited its shutdown, Stephen Colbert's petition to have her deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address had gathered thousands of signatures:
Ariana Grande
Christina Aguilera
Cardi B
7. Fox network planned to add to the live musical broadcast trend with an airing of Rent: Live. Which was great, until, ultimately......
Fox didn't show Rent, but another musical
The broadcast shown wasn't a live performance
Fox didn't air it, but rather sister channel FX
The show was pre-empted and wasn't broadcast at all
8. We hope you were paying attention to the weekend's Screen Actors Guild awards. If you were, you'll know that the Best Ensemble went to this Oscars nominee:
Black Panther
A Star Is Born
Bohemian Rhapsody
9. The achievement of his lifetime might now be receiving the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award:
Sam Elliott
Gene Hackman
Michael Douglas
Alan Alda
10. If you won a Lead or Supporting Actor or Actress at the SAG Awards, please raise your hand. Hey, put your hand down, there.....
Mahershala Ali
Lady Gaga
Emily Blunt
Rami Malek

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