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How Well Do You Know: 1/4/19-1/10/19
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1. The only part about this week's three-hour premiere of The Bachelor is the part where one of the contestants, for some reason, dressed up like this animal:
A bee
An armadillo
A walrus
A sloth
2. Meanwhile, this pop culture pariah starred in her very own reality show on MTV:
Lindsay Lohan
Amanda Bynes
Randy Quaid
3. Also new on TV: The latter Michalka of the sister singing group Aly & AJ starred in Schooled, which is a spin-off of this other long-running sitcom:
Modern Family
Last Man Standing
The Goldbergs
4. "Surviving _________" turned into a much-discussed project, as the six-part series on Lifetime looked at this tempestuous singer:
R. Kelly
Chris Brown
Axel Rose
5. Not new, but with a new lease on life, Brooklyn Nine-Nine debuted for its sixth season, the first season on its new home:
6. The predictably oddball Golden Globes came and went. This woman received the inaugural award named after her, honoring achievements in being funny:
Betty White
Carol Burnett
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
Lily Tomlin
7. Meanwhile, viewers went to Wikipedia and Twitter to understand the "trim tabs" reference he made in his rambling acceptance speech when presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award:
Clint Eastwood
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Goldblum
Samuel L. Jackson
8. These two films won the Globe for Best Motion Picture:
Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book
Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice
A Star Is Born and Green Book
A Star Is Born and Vice
9. Meanwhile, she repeated as Best Actress - TV Comedy:
Kristin Bell
Debra Messing
Rachel Brosnahan
Alison Brie
10. And it was honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press as the best dramatic TV show:
Killing Eve
The Americans
11. If you are up for this year's big-time Producers Guild Awards, please step forward. Not so fast there.....
A Star Is Born
First Man
12. ___________ broke a BAFTA record with five nominations for a single film - only to have the record broken minutes later by _________, who received six:
Spike Lee/Peter Farrelly
Peter Farrelly/Spike Lee
Bradley Cooper/Alfonso Cuaron
Alfonso Cuaron/Bradley Cooper

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